Cat sounds played from cellphone used rescue kitten from storm drain

Authorities in Virginia rescued a kitten from a storm drain using a catch pole and a cellphone that lured the feline out by playing cat sounds.

Petersburg Animal Care and Control officers responded alongside personnel from Petersburg Public Works and the Petersburg Fire Department when a police officer working on a crime scene in the South Jones Street area reported hearing a kitten crying in a storm drain.

Animal Control Officer Jessica Calloway attempted to reach the kitten by climbing down two different manholes, but the kitten was easily spooked and would flee when approached.

The rescuers eventually used a cellphone to play cat sounds that lured the kitten out of hiding to where Calloway could ensnare it with a catch pole.

Animal Care and Control said in a Facebook post that Calloway’s “catch of the day” weighed in at 2 pounds, 10 ounces and was “absolutely a keeper.”